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2023 Nominees 



Why do we Celebrate Women?

 We celebrate women all year long and at our annual event. We know that celebrating women is important because it is a reminder that they carry lots of inspirational influence, strength, value, worth, and they are always needed in the world. We believe that a small assistance to a cause or consistency can be life changing; big in the eyes of others. 

We are so proud of all of the Nominees and how they are positively impacting the world! Each woman must be in attendance to receive their tangible awards. The awards ceremony was created to honor and recognize women GLOBALLY from all walks of life for various accomplishments throughout the year.


We have been able to encourage millions of people in the world via clips of our shows always being featured on national Television. We love that nominees are empowered to do more or just continue to do good. Just to know that they are seen and their services are not in vain is BIG. #WeSeeYou #WeCelebrateYou #WeHonorYou


Below are all women who have not given up despite obstacles they may have faced and have served their family / communities and changed lives in some way. 

"There is 100% call for change in this WORLD and it starts with YOU."

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2023 Current Recipients 

Lori Raupe 

Alusia Darby

Gina  Grimes 

Nateshae Cole

Jacqueline Abrims 

Dewanna Payne 

Wonda Watts 

Dionne Tarter 

Cecelia Huggins

Monica B Chaney 

Laurinda Reeves-Armstrong 

Sandy Gram

Maliha Ahmed

Chioma Blaire Douglas

Rachel Gamst



Next Generation Woman Leader (10-17 Years Old)

Grant Recipient (18+ Must Apply)

(All awards below you must be 18 years of age or older).
Honorable Mention 

Woman of Service 

Woman of Excellence & Achievements 

Warrior Woman of The Year 
Woman of Global Impact 

Woman of Generosity and Gratitude 

and more ... 




Last Day To Nominate April 5TH, 2023,


- Nominee Must be 18+
- They Must Accept The Award VIA Email  
- Nominee must attend September 9th, 2023 to receive  physical awards.
- Nominee must have served in her community / family. 


Please ensure spelling of nominees "LEGAL" name is correct for official awards it can not be changed 

Are you attending the Fashion Show/Award Ceremony Sept.9t?

Thanks for submitting!

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